J.B.Institute of Engineering & Technology

             (UGC Autonomous)
(Accredited by NAAC, Approved by AICTE
& Permanently Affiliated to JNTUH)

Department of MBA

PEO's, PO's & PSO's


PEO 1: Management graduates must be well prepared for successful employment and be engaged in learning, understanding and application of management theory into practice in innovative way in a highly changing business environment.
PEO 2: Management graduates keen on self employment should be able to start their own business ventures or demonstrate their intrapreneurial capabilities in the organization in which they are working.
PEO 3: Management graduates with academic interest and aptitude should be actively engaged in advanced studies, research, and teaching-learning or consultancy assignments.
PEO 4: Management graduates will be ethical, responsible and committed corporate citizens contributing to the management profession and the society in an effective manner
PEO 5: Management Graduates will demonstrate the ability to use technology, communication, leadership and teamwork as tools of effective management.


PO1: Ability to apply the knowledge of business management in to practice.
PO2: Ability to apply the knowledge of areas of economics, technology, law, accounting into complex situations and provide solution.
PO3: Able to receive and give clear instructions, comprehend, write reports, prepare documentation and make effective presentations.
PO4: Ability to work independently and also in a team in a diverse and multidisciplinary situations.
PO5: Ability to apply management principles in to practice and exhibiting leadership qualities.
PO6: Ability to keep abreast with the latest developments in the business environment by environmental scanning.
PO7: Ability to do research and apply modern statistical tools and computational tools to analyse the situations and take a right decisions.
PO 8: Demonstrate IT knowledge and skills for efficient and effective business processes and develop innovative methods of applying IT and e-commerce for competitive advantage.
PO 9:  Ability to generate new & innovative ideas, putting it into practice by knowing the particulars of starting a business.
PO10: Demonstrate ethical conduct in personal and professional decisions and appreciation of business ethics and social responsibility and environmental concerns in the decision making process.
PO11:  Ability to actively involve and understanding the importance of independent and continuous learning and research.


Core Courses: To work successfully as a Management Graduate with requisite skill set for marketing, finance and human resource domain as acquired for from the respective specialized domain. To impart knowledge gained from the compulsory Summer Internship Project (eight weeks) in the industry as per the requirement of the concerned organization.

Optional Elective Courses: To educate students with proficiency in the specific area of specialization in Master of Business Administration and help them to show their competency in understanding of marketing, finance and how to make work force in the industry with the requisite skills of HRM.

Workshop & Seminars: Periodic workshops and seminars are being arranged for students consistently throughout the course for better understanding of the subject knowledge and also to equip them with requisite skills of the industry.