J.B.Institute of Engineering & Technology

             (UGC Autonomous)
(Accredited by NAAC, Approved by AICTE
& Permanently Affiliated to JNTUH)

Department of Information Technology

Faculty Details

S.No Name of the Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Area of   Interest
1 M.A.Muneer B.TECH,M.TECH Asst.Prof. & HOD-IT DataBase, Networking
2 V.Krishna Reddy B.E,M.TECH Assoc.Prof. OOAD, Networking, Databases
3 M.Ravi B.TECH,M.TECH Asst.Prof. DataMining, Networking, DataBase
4 M.Venu Gopal B.TECH,M.TECH Asst Prof Computer Programming & Data Structures
5 B.Vijay Kumar B.TECH,M.TECH Asst.Prof. DataBase, Programming Languages
6 Mastanvalli B.TECH,M.TECH Asst.Prof. Programming Languages, Data Base
7 B.Deepthi Reddy B.TECH,M.TECH Asst.Prof. Cloud Copmuting, Algorithms, Networking
8 D. Sravanthi B.TECH,M.TECH Asst Prof DataBase, Programming Languages
9 I. Ravindra Kumar B.TECH,M.TECH Asst Prof DataBase, Programming Languages
10 Sampathi Rao Raju B.TECH,M.TECH Asst Prof Datastructures, Operating System
11 B.Nikhila B.TECH,M.TECH Asst Prof DataBase, Operating System
12 K.Shravani B.TECH,M.TECH Asst Prof DataBase, Programming Languages
13 A.Rajitha B.TECH,M.TECH Asst Prof Networking, DataBase
14 P.Archana B.TECH,M.TECH Asst Prof Programming Languages